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Modern plants and advanced applied technologies allow the company to produce a large range of milled rice under the brands of "Elite" and "Bibo", range of products offered to the market includes four sorts:  "Marjan", "Yantar", "Leader", "Anahit", also milled broken rice.

The company produces milled rice in accordance with the halal certification, certificate of state system of technical regulations of Kazakhstan, СТ ИСО 9001-2009, НАССР.


Growing season lasts118-120 days.

Plant height is95-100 cm

The mass of 1000 grains – 30-31gm. 

Vitrescence – 86-90%

total milled rice-69-70%

Growing season lasts110-115 days.

Plant height is90-95 cm

The mass of 1000 grains – 32-33gm. 

Vitrescence – 92-96%

total milled rice-67-69%

Growing season lasts112-117 days.

Plant height is105-108 cm

The mass of 1000 grains – 33-34gm. 

Vitrescence – 77%

total milled rice: - 65,8%

Elongated, large grain.

The mass of 1000 grains – 35-42 gm. 

The ratio of length to width of the grain(l/b) 2,3;

Vitrescence – 89%

total milled rice-70%

General Partnership “Abzal and Company” is continuing to consolidate its positions on the market by demonstrating considerable growth in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS countries.  In 2014 production export has made 40%, it is more than 6000 tones of milled rice with the brands "Elita" and "Bibo", also more than 6000 tones of broken rice. The company exports to CIS countries: Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and etc. Products used by more than 12 million consumers in the CIS.

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